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    Shanghai Jianheng Instrument Co. Ltd was established in 1998. Its headquarter and workshop are located in Shanghai, China. It now is a professional manufacturer of environmental test chamber. Through the development for more than one decade, SHJIANHENG has possessed strong technical capability and a team of researchers in the field of environmental test chamber.

    Our products include high/low temperature chamber, humidity chamber, ovens, medicine stability chamber, illumination test chamber, thermal shock chamber, high-speed changing temperature chamber, alternating high-low temperature &humidity, etc. We can also manufacture non-standard products according to customers’ unique requirements.

    SHJIANHENG has provided excellent environmental test chambers and environmental test schemes for various fields such as aviation, air space, military industry, medical and biochemical industry, electronic communication, etc. In global market, SHJIANHENG gains a high praise and reputation from her customers from a number of countries or regions, including the U.S., France, Italy, Denmark, Serbia, Portugal, Russia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Pakistan, UAE, Israel, Thailand and Bangladesh etc.

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